Washington, DC Chapter

DC Chapter Member Monica Lee, Jan. 2017

DC Chapter Member Monica Lee, Jan. 2017

Mission: The Washington, DC Chapter of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum is dedicated to building a community of progressive AAPI women leaders in the DC metro area through education, advocacy, and a robust support network.

Vision and Values: The DC chapter envisions a community where AAPI women have the knowledge, resources, and support to live a healthy and empowering life. We envision a network of AAPI women offering each other support professionally and personally. We envision this network gaining strength by mobilizing our community to stand up for social justice and systemic change.

We value our shared experiences as AAPI women as well as our diversity and differences.

We value the importance of creating space for AAPI women to lead and support each other.

We value solidarity with other marginalized communities struggling for social and economic justice.

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