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#IntersectionsOfOurLives - note Intersections, plural

  • “Women of color are here on Capitol Hill to make sure our legislators are aware of our unique experiences at the #IntersectionsOfOurLives”

  • As the name of the collaboration: “Polling by the #IntersectionsOfOurLives shows that 84% of women of color voters support women making their own decisions about their reproductive health”

  • or as a general tag for the three women-of-color organization collaborative - i.e. “Here at Capitol Hill with my fellow fierce women of color to say why we need #HEAL4Immigrants! @NLIRH @BlackWomensRJ #IntersectionsOfOurLives”

  • The #IntersectionsOfOurLives polling @ https://bit.ly/33DrIsf shows that 88% of women of color voters said the stakes were too high NOT to vote. Today, 300 women of color #ReproJustice activists are heading to the Hill to meet with our elected officials. 

  • #IntersectionsOfOurLives polling @ https://bit.ly/33DrIsf found that 62% of women of color voters say they will be watching their congressional representatives more closely. The fierce group of women of color on the Hill today solidifies that fact! #300Strong 

#HEAL4Immigrants - the hashtag we are using for the HEAL Act. Note the all-caps HEAL.

  • All immigrants deserve the dignity and peace of mind that good health brings. #HEAL4Immigrants 

#BeBoldEndHyde - EACH Woman Act

  • The EACH Woman Act would reverse the Hyde Amendment and bring us closer to making #ReproJustice a reality by allowing all people to exercise bodily autonomy without political interference. #BeBoldEndHyde 

Sample Prompt:

  • #IntersectionsOfOurLives is all about/taught me/made me feel: …

  • Post during or after the lobby day as a summary of your visit!


For mentioning - don’t feel compelled to tag everyone if you don’t have to!

NAPAWF: @napawf

Twitter list of all NAPAWF Chapters (includes inactive chapters)

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, NLIRH for short

@NLIRH - Twitter and Facebook (no Instagram)

@NYLatinas @Virginia_LAN @FLLatinas @TXLatinas - State “Advocacy Networks”

In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, “In Our Own Voice” for short

@BlackWomensRJ - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (we don’t really use IG right now)

Twitter list of all In Our Own Voice partner orgs. 

Partner Org. Handles

@BW4WLA @blkwomenshealth @NewVoices4RJ @SisterLoveInc @SisterReach @SPARKRJNOW @TheAfiyaCtr @WWAVinc

Staying c3

  1. Make sure you are @’ing their Official Account, NOT their campaign account. NAPAWF, NLIRH, and In Our Own Voice are 501c3 Organizations - meaning we cannot endorse or oppose candidates for office - and on Tuesday, you are lobbying.

  2. The easiest way to tell if their account is Official or Campaign is to look at their listed website. 

    1. If it is “Jane for Congress”, “Vote Jane”,  etc., 

    2. and the website encourages people to volunteer or donate to their campaign, the associated account is their campaign account and we cannot interact with it without violating the law.

    3. If it is linked to a .gov address, for example “jane.house.gov”, then it is their official account, and you can interact with it.

  3. Do not say you will or will not vote for them because of their stance on the HEAL Act, EACH Woman Act, or any other piece of legislation. This is a violation of the laws that govern c3 nonprofits.

    1. You can never on the chapter account or any account publicly associated with any of the Intersections Organizations.


Polling Graphs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sFXnGNx_cH3ieNuyeWr22e6c8w9uXt99?usp=sharing

Intersectional Advocacy Day general graphic:

Advocacy Day 2019 Intersections of Our Lives

EACH Woman Act graphic: