Rosalie Keliʻinoi

Rosalie Keliʻinoi was a Hawaiian politician. She was elected in 1925 to represent Sixth District of the Territorial House, which encompassed the island of Kauai. In doing so, she became the first woman to sit in the Hawaiian Legislature since the Hawaiian Monarchy was overthrown.

Keliʻinoi was the only woman in the House during her term. Nonetheless, she managed to introduce 16 bills during the one-year session, and she had two major pieces of legislation passed that improved the welfare and agency of women living in Hawaii at the time. Act 274 permitted women to sell property without their husband’s permission, and Act 31 designated funds for improving the welfare of pregnant women.

Keliʻinoi only served one term in the territorial legislature. Outside of her brief and accomplished career in politics, she was a skilled pianist, and practiced kapa kuiki, traditional Hawaiian quilt making.