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The ‘model minority’ myth views AAPIs as a monolith, falsely assuming that we all have socioeconomic stability. The truth is AAPI women live at the intersection of racial discrimination and economic injustices which take away our agency over our lives, families, and communities. The ‘model minority’ myth continues to render many AAPI communities invisible in conversations about poverty, economic security, and wage disparities. It also leads to many AAPIs remaining misrepresented or left out of wage data entirely. NAPAWF is fighting to break these damaging stereotypes and ensure that AAPI women and girls have the economic power to work with dignity, make critical decisions about if or when to become a parent, and provide for our families so that we can truly thrive.

AAPI Equal Pay

The wage gap plays a large role in hindering women’s economic freedom and autonomy. Asian women working full-time are typically paid, on average, 85 cents for every dollar paid to their white male counterparts. However, disaggregated data reveals that many AAPI women experience much larger wage gaps, particularly Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander women.

Due to the wage gap, AAPI women typically lose $360,400 over a 40-year career. In order to make up for lost wages, they have to work longer hours, multiple jobs, and often, past retirement age. For those taking care of children, family members, and loved ones, the extra burden posed by the wage gap makes it difficult for AAPI women to provide emotional and economic support to their families and communities.



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