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Through our 12 active chapters in cities across the United States, our members and organizers build power with AAPI women and girls in our communities at the grassroots level. From teach-ins to direct actions, to ensuring all AAPIs can vote, we will not stop until all AAPI women and girls can thrive.

We will publish more resources on voting as we get closer to the next Election Day - stay tuned!

Tools for Advocacy

Power Up and Intersectional Advocacy Day 2019


Our Power Up Conference, held from September 20th to 24th, was a powerful weekend of workshops and sessions with NAPAWF. Members and supporters shared and developed strategies to fight for change and built meaningful connections to transform our communities.

At the end of our conference, we partnered with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda for our Intersectional Advocacy Day.

2019 Agenda (Archived)

Data About Our Communities

In 2018, women of color voted at historically high levels. A new poll by the Intersections of Our Lives, a collaboration between NAPAWF, In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, and National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, provides valuable insight on the priorities and motivations of women of color voters.


The poll found that women of color voters are overwhelmingly concerned with the direction of the country, and that they believed the stakes were too high not to vote in the 2018 elections. However, nearly one quarter of women of color voters had concerns about whether or not their vote was counted accurately.


Nine in ten women of color voters think that a woman being able to control if, when, and how she has children provides individual and societal benefits. Access to clean water, affordable health care, and ending discrimination were also top priorities for women of color.


To view the full results of the poll, visit↗